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Bespoke permanent makeup. I have a pefectionist’s eye for detail, and i am constantly training in new techniques with some of the best artist’s in the world to stay ahead in this ever changing industry.
All brows are different and so of course are people’s faces, features, taste & style.

Some brows with lots of hair, very sparse hair, scars ,no hair at all.
This all determines the choice of technique I will use.

I get asked this question a lot, Can I have these brows ?

Whether you require brow strengthening, or brow reconstruction.

Colour, shape, size is bespoke to you.

I hand draw your design working with you, your bone structure and facial features to create the best complimentary look for you.

I don’t use stencils .

Rather like having a suit tailor made than buying off the peg.

You and your face are unique, so are your brows.

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